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hazardous material storage buildings

Hazardous Material Storage Buildings

The latest concept in Hazardous Material Storage Buildings, Chemical Storage Buildings, Double Stacking of Drums, Seismic Secondary Containment Shelving™*

Hazardous Material Storage BuildingsHazardous Material Storage Buildings are Modular storage structures for storage of hazardous materials, flammables, combustibles, corrosives, chemicals, acids and pesticides.
Reduce the cost of hazardous material storage per unit by 50% with ECP's space-saver modular designed storage buildings.
Modular Storage for:
  • Portable Hazardous Materials Storage Structures - modular hazardous storage buldingsHousehold Hazardous Waste
  • Solid Waste
  • Satellite Stations
  • Waste Accumulation Areas
  • Mobile and/or Portable Units
  • Control Center Unit.
Also available:
Safety Storage Cabinets in various sizes

(4 gal. through 180 gal.)

GSA Contract

CMAS Contract

Factory Mutual System Approved

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